How Long Is Rehab for Substance Use Disorders?

One of your biggest concerns about going to rehab is likely to be how long you’ll need to stay. We live in a fast-paced society today, and it is common to worry about what might happen if you take too much time off of work or away from your family.

Although it’d be great to find a fast-track way for everyone to get sober, the truth is that most people who enter addiction treatment need to plan to stay long enough for their therapy to start to work. Beyond that, you may also need additional time to make sure that the strategies you learn stick so that you aren’t as likely to relapse. How long rehab for substance use disorders lasts depends upon several factors that all impact your recovery.

What Affects the Length of Time You Spend In Rehab?

As a general rule, it takes about 30 days of treatment for someone to begin to feel strong enough in their recovery to start resuming their new lifestyle without as much support. However, research has shown that people who attend rehab for 90 days have lower incidences of relapse compared to those who arrange for shorter stays.

On occasion, you’ll hear about treatment programs that allow people to stay for less than a month, but these are usually combined with other types of care such as outpatient programs where you still attend therapy for the majority of the day. The length of time you need to spend in inpatient care will depend upon things such as how long you’ve been using substances.

Someone who has been using drugs or excessively drinking for years will have strongly ingrained habits that take time to change. The types of drugs you use could also impact the length of your treatment. Certain drugs, such as opioids, create significant changes in your brain that take additional time to address. Many people describe the first few days in rehab as being a sort of fog. Allowing for enough time for the clouds to clear helps you to focus better on what you learn during your therapy sessions.

What Are the Benefits of Long-Term Treatment?

The prospect of spending a month or more in treatment might seem troublesome, especially when you might not have even had a vacation in years. However, the time truly does fly by fast when you are in treatment. Your days will be filled with a robust schedule of events that include therapy along with opportunities to start finding new hobbies to enjoy in your sobriety.

Choosing to go to long-term treatment provides these benefits that will start your sober lifestyle off right.

  • avoid having detox impact the majority of your stay
  • give time for your brain and the rest of your body to heal
  • have a chance to really dive into the underlying causes of your addiction •mend close relationships so that you have more support when you go home
  • make sure that new healthy habits stick

Can You Find Out How Long You’ll Stay Before You Start Treatment?

You absolutely can get an estimate of how long you should expect to be in rehab. Your admissions team will perform assessments that help them develop a plan for your care. During this process, they’ll also take a look at other factors such as what your insurance covers to help you plan for your stay. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that being flexible is important. In some cases, your team may recommend starting with a 30-day treatment program, but they may suggest extending your stay if you develop new challenges along the way.

You might also be able to combine inpatient and outpatient care in instances where you have concerns about being away from home for too long or if you respond well to the first few weeks of treatment. Are you ready to explore your rehab options? We can help you find a rehab center that offers programs that give you enough time to limit your risk for relapse. Reach out to our caring counselors today at 302-842-2390.